user experience design as the study of users in their context in order that others can design tools so that the users can complete tasks to achieve goals.

  • users 用户
  • tools 工具
  • context 用户的操作场景
  • tasks 使用户完成任务
  • goals 从而实现目标

Accessible Design



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Accessibility for iOS Developers(Apple)

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

SEE Chrome Extension

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Accessible Design Palettes

Personas and User Flows

  • Sketch,Name 人物素描、照片、名字
  • Demographic info,Behaviors 个人信息及与你产品有关的任何动作
  • Pain Points,Needs 尝试按照痛点、需求和行为来区分客户
  • Solutions 为用户准备各种方案


Grocery Shopping App User Flow

Grocery Shopping App Personas


How to Design User Flows

Mobile Checkout Flow

User Experience



  • What is this?
  • What is being offered?
  • What can I do here?
  • How do I start?

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  • keep it simple 用户更喜欢简单直观的表单
  • validate user input and provide feedback 使用户输入有效的内容并且提供反馈
  • always test your forms 测试你的表单系统

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Notifications 可以采取不同的形式:text,email,push,icon,vibration,banner,alerts.为确保整体的用户体验,你需要仔细思考每隔多长时间提醒用户并且以什么样的方式来通知用户

  • Control 控制
  • Feedback 提供反馈
  • Customization 个性化定制
  • Frequency&Reward 定期消息提醒和奖励

The Psychology of Notifications

User Friendly Notifications

User Feedback


  • Survey 将调查整合到产品中
  • Social Media 社交媒体可以将客户与你的品牌联系到一起
  • Ratings 定量定性地分析用户对你的产品的想法
  • Customer Support 使客户支持所有人的工作

Better User Research through Surveys

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User Experience Design Resources

UX Archive

explore how others approach designing for specific tasks

Blogs, Weekly Learning

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